GPS Future Prediction In 2013

Chance to stay my neck out afresh with my twelve-month GPS expectations ! Auto GPS expectations Garmin will publish their 2013 nuvi line throughout the first a large part of January, incorporating models with an incorporated activity collector Some or all parts of the nuvi 2013 line could be ready generally instantly HD movement will begin to appear on mid-run nuvis Garmin will suspend whatever remains of the nuvi 1xxx line TomTom and Garmin will both keep up the drive to breaking point the number of revamped presentations; want to see one exclusive or two reports for every year (even thus, it wouldn’t astound me for one of those Garmin declarations to headline twelve revamped nuvis) Magellan will present an unit with a driving recorder Garmin will proclaim their first RV unit for the US Handheld GPS forecasts Garmin will advertise a revived Oregon line with GLONASS ability before summer Garmin will discharge unique handhelds with Bluetooth proficience DeLorme will present no unique standalone GPS units for the present year, successfully leaving the handheld GPS business Garmin will irrevocably discharge a double handheld GPS/satellite following unit LIDAR-based maps will end up being more normal – need to see paper backcountry maps and third-gathering GPS maps in 2013, yet no LIDAR-based maps from the preferences of Garmin till 2014 at the soonest Mobile GPS expectations Garmin will overhaul their BaseCamp Mobile application to consider the exchange of topo maps to it Garmin will discharge an Android form of their BaseCamp Mobile application 911 messaging will see a restrained rollout in the US, and we’ll begin seeing news stories about backcountry safeguard being summoned by means of quick messages GPS following expectations Garmin will take off unique GPS following features Lightweight cat-particular GPS trackers will hit the business sector Your turn! What have I missed? What are your forecasts?

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