GPS Future Prediction In 2013

Chance to stay my neck out afresh with my twelve-month GPS expectations ! Auto GPS expectations Garmin will publish their 2013 nuvi line throughout the first a large part of January, incorporating models with an incorporated activity collector Some or all parts of the nuvi 2013 line could be ready generally instantly HD movement will begin to appear on mid-run nuvis Garmin will suspend whatever remains of the nuvi 1xxx line TomTom and Garmin will both keep up the drive to breaking point the number of revamped presentations; want to see one exclusive or two reports for every year (even thus, it wouldn’t astound me for one of those Garmin declarations to headline twelve revamped nuvis) Magellan will present an unit with a driving recorder Garmin will proclaim their first RV unit for the US Handheld GPS forecasts Garmin will advertise a revived Oregon line with GLONASS ability before summer Garmin will discharge unique handhelds with Bluetooth proficience DeLorme will present no unique standalone GPS units for the present year, successfully leaving the handheld GPS business Garmin will irrevocably discharge a double handheld GPS/satellite following unit LIDAR-based maps will end up being more normal – need to see paper backcountry maps and third-gathering GPS maps in 2013, yet no LIDAR-based maps from the preferences of Garmin till 2014 at the soonest Mobile GPS expectations Garmin will overhaul their BaseCamp Mobile application to consider the exchange of topo maps to it Garmin will discharge an Android form of their BaseCamp Mobile application 911 messaging will see a restrained rollout in the US, and we’ll begin seeing news stories about backcountry safeguard being summoned by means of quick messages GPS following expectations Garmin will take off unique GPS following features Lightweight cat-particular GPS trackers will hit the business sector Your turn! What have I missed? What are your forecasts?

Utilizing field notes when geocaching

Utilizing an iPhone to submit geocaching field notes Newer advances for example smartphone applications have put less stress on logs. Therefore, countless another geocacher has fallen foul of simply putting a dab or a ‘TFTC’ (Thanks For The Cache) for whole of their log, just to be reminded amenably (or in certain cases not so amiably) by the geocache manager that more definite logs are ‘encouraged’. This, as you can picture, expedites various kinds of situations. Fundamentally, its down to the discoverer what they feel is a suitable log (independently, if a client simply needs to put a TFTC as the log to one of my reserves, I don’t stress over it), however its effortless to see why certain veterans of the game get the (mistaken) impression that smartphone clients are some way or another demeaning the leisure activity. The smartphone situation An extensive part of the issue falsehoods with the innovation. As I’ve demonstrated to countless a geocaching stalwart, its not so much reasonable to sort up a point by point log on your iPhone, where the attention is on logging your treasure there and after that as opposed to when sat at the workstation at home. I have enough issue sorting a SMS message or twitter redesign on my telephone whilst sat at home in the warm. At the point that I’m out in the sprinkle on top of a slope with just restricted electric storage device essence and dodgy unit scope, I question I might even generate something clear. An answer, thusly, may be a preferred comprehending of these applications within the Geocaching group yet regardless of the possibility that you are a devoted mechanism client, for example a Garmin or Magellan, there can in any case be issues with logging geocaches. Including field notes a Garmin utilizing remarks Like a significant number, I regularly revel in a vast ring with various geocaches. Even though damage has ceased me from completing it in the no so distant past, I can regularly go out for a day and find 80 or more geocaches. The situation is that come chance to post my logs, it might be no picnic to find something extraordinary or enthralling to state regarding every one. Far and away more terrible, here and there are tales I need to describe in my logs, yet would not be able to recall at which geocache they happened. Field notes to the salvage And this is why I swear by Field Notes. Field Notes are best depicted as a makeshift log that you can alter before posting your gem. The official iPhone application has a choice to post your treasure as a field note whereby they sit on the locale sitting tight for you to alter before binding your discovery as a legitimate log. Different apparatuses, for example the Garmin, give the alternative to include a remark every time you set a geocache to recognized on the unit. The proposed remarks are archived as a component of your discovery index (geocache_visits) and might be transferred straight into Field Notes or controled utilizing devices for example GSAK to make posting various logs so far more effortless (we’ll go onto that in a destiny article!). Field note shorthand The essential thing to recall if you are utilizing a smartphone or a committed apparatus is that the aforementioned field notes are simply makeshift and accordingly, you can execute a type of shorthand when recording your treasure. Case in point, when out geocaching in an aggregation I typically prefer to put into my logs who recognized every geocache. Whenever at the geocache I will normally save the remark / inform as ‘FB’ then after that the geocacher's intial (i.e. FBM – discovered by me). Provided that the geocache is in a clumsy to achieve place I may moreover include ‘RB’ and the beginning of the geocacher who recovered it. Provided that the discovery needed ‘a short search’ I will add the sad acronym of ‘ASS’ to my note. Provided that it took somewhat longer to find I’ll affix ‘AS’. Transferring your geocaching field notes index I will in addition note one word notes to myself for any of the above that happened at the geocache area. ‘Mud’ may mean an area I fell over, ‘Cow’ may indicate an area where the neighborhood homestead creatures ended up being curious. The critical thing is not the saying that is utilized, simply that it helps me to remember that area and what happened there. So ‘FBMAS Cow’ lets me know that I discovered it yet it moved along at a comfortable pace and that this is the geocache where there was some episode including a cow (confidently enough to incite me to recall this treasure). From this I can alter my field note into something completely all the more enthralling before posting it as a fitting log. How you organise your shorthand is altogether up to you however as you can see, by having one it makes it particularly brisk and effortless to record informative content whilst at the geocache area. This can then be utilized to help you, once you give back home, to post a log definite enough for the fussiest of geocache holder. Your turn Do you utilize Field Notes? If this is true, do you have your particular shorthand you utilize? If not, what different strategies do you utilize to help you keep your logs itemized and special? Let us know in the remarks beneath. The post Using field notes when geocaching seemed first on GPS Tracklog .

A New Year Is The Time For A New Approach To Work

 Are you over 50?

 Good. Then you won't need permission from your parents to read this article. If you are under 40, I give you permission now! I would guess if you are over 50 you have begun to question your life and your work. Good. This is normal and healthy. Perhaps you have also started to question your contributions to society. Perhaps your accomplishments for this period of your life have not reached up to your internal or external expectations. That's ok. Life tends to get in the way as we are making plans. And, this is the right time to deal with the disparity between where you are and where you expected to be in your life. This is important now so you can change your internal expectations to the one that suit you better at this point of your life. This can be a magical process. Do you experience sometimes that you are no longer young? This can generate an awareness of who you are, what you have done and where you might be going. Its normal from time to time now to sense a recognition of your own mortality as this can drive new healthy change. This is an invaluable time to ask yourself key questions around what is most important and whether your lifestyle aligned to your values and sense of identity.

 Do you love your work?

 If your answer is no, you are not alone. Most people don't find meaning in their work. Many people afraid of failure continue to work harder at jobs which have no meaning. This overemphasis on productivity and sense of doing things which are not personally rewarding causes their inner conflict.

 Stop doing what didn't work before

 This is the most important lesson to learn from. For example, don't go back to jobs which didn't provide joy or meaning. Don't go back to jobs which you didn't enjoy or lowered your self-esteem. Don't go back to jobs which you didn't feel made a difference to yourself or others. For sure don't go back to jobs JUST for the money as this has a way of catching up to you. You will spend the money you earn faster than you can earn it and then the emptiness of the work will set in.

 Try something completely new!

 This usually requires risk, courage, and an openness to change in ones life. Why not? What have you got to lose or gain? What could you do which would be completely different with regards to your work? What small steps might you take now to get started?

 Become an expert at something you enjoy

 What can you become an expert at? Being really good at one thing vs. average at many things can raise self-esteem and give one especially those over 50 a greater sense of self and contribution in the world.

 Make a product or service and sell it to at least one person

 This is not just for fun. Even if your goal is to work for someone else, the process of thinking through what you could make as a product or service and then selling this to just one other person can create even more possibilities in your life and work.

 Learn from others

 The world of learning is unlimited. For each idea which you want to pursue you will find many people already doing this. Within seconds you have the worlds knowledge to pursue new learning and new ideas.

 What are your first five steps now?

 Let me help. Decide what you want to change in your life and work now. Define WHY you want to change. Define how your life will be different if you do change. Define what your life will be like if you don't change. Take one action now which will start to build new habits.

 Take a new approach for the New Year to your work

 Why not? It might just be the right prescription for a healthier and happier life.

 Ill be cheering you on as you go-Craig Nathanson and Happy New Year-2013 


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