Teen Challenge of Texas Relies on JETT-Track GPS Tracking to Monitor and Recover Stolen Vehicles

Solana Beach, CA - Teen Challenge of Texas, a non-profit, which operates recovery centers throughout Texas for people struggling with drug addiction, recently installed JETT-Track GPS tracking units on their vehicles. For several months they have had students and interns take vehicles without permission. Vehicles are sometimes returned or found in impound yards, but mostly they went unreturned.

"We operate solely on donations and we cannot afford the disruptions caused by missing vehicles or the cost to replace them. We purchased JETT-Track as a deterrent and to track usage," said Lonnie Bear, Corporate IT Specialist, Teen Challenge of Texas.

"Recently, a staff member noticed that a van had not returned for the night. We were able to track the location of the vehicle online and contact the Bexar County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department, with cooperation from the San Antonio Police Department, was able to dispatch officers to follow the vehicle and apprehend the driver at a safe location. All of this took place in under two hours. We are very pleased that we have our vehicle back and the driver was safely apprehended before he caused further harm to himself or others," Bear said.

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About JETT-Track
JETT-Track gives trucking companies the ability to manage, locate and track their service vehicles in real-time. JETT-Track is based in Solana Beach, CA. Additional information and a live, hands-on demonstration of our GPS tracking capabilities are available at www.jett-track.com.


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