Drunk man steals ambulance

Paul John Sos, 52, was arrested for auto theft, after he stole an ambulance and fled from police.

Sos, led the police on a slow chase Saturday morning, after he took a ambulance that was parked outside Sharp Hospital. Sos was in the hospital for intoxication after he was taken their earlier that morning for being drunk in public. When he checked out of the hospital he saw the ambulance with the keys still in it.

The ambulance had a GPS installed and police tracked the vehicle down at Balboa and Genesee Avenue, but Sos would not pull over.  Police followed him for about 12-minutes through Clairemont as he traveled down the city streets at a top speed of 20 mph. Authorities put down spike strips, and after the second attempt they were finally able to stop him.

Sos was booked for suspicion of auto theft, drunk driving and failure to yield to police.

On the way to police headquarters, Sos fell asleep, said San Diego police officer Brad Ruff.


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