Mobile shopping App wins Tele Atlas contest…again

Tele Atlas informed us yesterday that Pongr, a location-based mobile shopping application won its LBS Innovators “Map in Apps” contest in the United States. It seems there are, year over year, many shopping addicts casting their ballots at the CTIA trade show in San Francisco. Indeed, last year, Slifter, from a company called GPShopper, was the winner of the contest; Slifter being… a location-based mobile shopping application.

Nevertheless what is interesting in Pongr is the way the request is sent to the server, because the company has developed an image recognition capability which allows to send an image of an item to look up for the best price in the vicinity.

Pongr and Slifter are not the only applications of this kind in the United States, two other location-aware shopping applications, Yokel and ShopLocal, are also available on the WHERE widget platform.

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