HowTo: Add Itinerary Planning to TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

Here are instructions on how to restore the TomTom ONE 1st Edition main menu on the TomTom ONE 3rd Edition, allowing access to Itinerary Planning (which was something I really was disappointed TomTom chose to skip on the 3rd Edition). A lot of us got the ONE 3rd on Black Friday ($130) and were disappointed by how stripped down it was. While you can't get back SD and BlueTooth support, you can easily get back Itinerary Planning.

NOTE: THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL ONLY WORK WITH TOMTOM 7.x. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 8.x OR ANY OTHER VERSION BEFORE OR AFTER APPLYING THIS MODIFICATION! If you do (like I did), your TomTom will freeze when turning on and will completely lock up and reboot when you try accessing Itinerary Planning. See the bottom of this post for details on how to un-break it if you accidentally upgrade. The fix is relatively simple.

Please remember that while this is not a hack (TomTom actually explains how to perform menu and POI customization in their SDK documentation) and it does not void your warranty, you should still proceed at your own risk, since we are transferring files to the TomTom unit. Never unplug your TomTom while files are transferring. And always remember to make backups. So now that's out of the way, let's start:

1) Open WordPad, NotePad, or some other simple text editor of your choice and copy and paste the following block of text (this restores the TomTom ONE 1st Edition menu). You can customize this menu and add and sort your own tasks however you like. See for details.

MENUPAGE|TASK_PAGE1|Main Menu 1 of 2|
MENUPAGE|TASK_PAGE2|Main Menu 2 of 2|

2) Save the file as TomTom.mnu (case sensitive). Make sure no additional extensions are added to the file name! You don't want TomTom.mnu.rtf or TomTom.mnu.txt. By default, Windows does not show extensions of known file types, so it's easy to make a mistake here.

3) Plug in your TomTom ONE 3rd to your computer via the included USB cable, turn it on, and tap Yes, when it asks you if you want to connect to your computer, and then (through your computer) create a new folder in the root directory of your TomTom called SDKRegistry (case sensitive).

4) Upload the file TomTom.mnu to SDKRegistry. Once the upload is complete, unplug the USB cable after safely preparing the TomTom (either through HOME, click Device > Disconnect Device, or through Windows, right click on Safely Remove Hardware icon and click Safely Remove Hardware). Itinerary Planning should be in the same location (page 2) on the Main Menu as it was on the TomTom ONE 1st Edition.

These instructions will disallow access to a few features on the 3rd that you may want (don't worry, it's easily reversible). So you might want to tweak this menu a bit depending on what you use. Tweaking menus will not remove any features (like MapShare), it simply changes the menus and doesn't let you access the features not included in the menu. And it's not a hack. It's a customization, so it won't void your warranty.

Here's a few pics showing my TomTom ONE 3rd Edition with Itinerary Planning working:

-How to undo this-
Just plug in your TomTom and delete the SDKRegistry directory.

-How to customize menu more easily-
Visit, select your language flag on the top (default is German), and then follow the instructions on that page to customize the menu. You can also download a program that's very similar to this site at

-How to custimize the menu manually- has a list of menus available for the Go (most are compatible with ONE as well) on their wiki at

-I accidentally upgraded to version 8.x and now my TomTom freezes when I try to access Itinerary Planning-
This was annoying, but thanks to forum member tendawolf, it's a simple fix:

1) Go to your My Documents folder and navigate to TomTom\HOME\Download\Program\ and delete the version 8 folder. If you don't have the version 7.x folder there, you can download it at or

2) Make sure you perform a backup just in case something goes wrong. If you aren't worried, you will at least want to back up MapSettings.cfg from the map folder, as this will be overwritten and you will lose all your favorites when you go back to 7.x. Once you finish all these steps, you will want to re-upload your MapSettings.cfg back to the map folder on your TomTom. (Thanks dhn).

3) Plug your TomTom into your computer via the USB cable, turn it on, and tap "Connect" when it prompts you to connect to your computer.

4) Open TomTom Home if it doesn't automatically start. DO NOT INSTALL ANY UPDATES. Instead, click "Back".

5) Go to "Add Maps, Traffic, Voices, etc..." on the TomTom Home main menu.

6) Click the More arrow (about 3 times) and go to "Items on my computer".

7) Click the + sign next to Applications. "TomTom Application for ONE 3RD Edition" should show up. Click on "More info..." to verify that the version number is 7.x (7.116 if you downloaded the version from these instructions). If it is correct, click the "Add" button.

8) Let it finish and follow the instructions on the screen. (It should tell you to unplug your TomTom, let it restart, plug it back in, and click "Connect"). Once the blinking accessing icon disappears the the "do-not-unplug" picture disappears, it should be safe to unplug and give it a test. Several things will be reset, including the following: Language, home location, colors, voice, history (including recent POIs, auto-fill, and city buoyancy where it places most often used cities toward the top), favorites, keyboard, and probably a few other preferences and settings.

9) If you backed up any files, now would be a good time to restore them. Please note that some files that were compatible with v8.x may not be with v7.x.

10) Last, but not least, do not update "TomTom Application" ever again! You can install other updates, though.

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