Doh! Homer Simpson Says You Missed a Right Hand Turn

There is no denying that satellite navigation systems and GPS technology have come a long way over the years.  With GPS’ immense popularity, it is no surprise that a large number of users are increasingly looking for ways to personalize their GPS units.  To meet these fast growing demand, leading manufacturers such as TomTom have introduced solutions designed to satisfy this evolving demographic of users.  Many sat nav device owners now have the ability to customize their units by changing the default voices to something a little more entertaining.

Melding Star Power with GPS Satellites

One of the most well known GPS solutions providers in the world, TomTom already offers a wide variety of celebrity voices for its devices, which happen to be its most popular downloadable items.  Though it is currently enjoying success in this regard, TomTom recently introduced what could be its most popular download of all time.  The company just announced that it will make the voice of animated TV dad, Homer Simpson, available for its GPS units!  A number of TomTom receivers currently come equipped with 70 pre-installed voices in 36 different languages.  Users who would like to download the Homer Simpson voice can now do so for a price specific to their region.  Samples of the new voice are currently available on the TomTom website.

It is clear to see that TomTom has indeed come up on a source of revenue that will allow it to profit outside of its sale of GPS devices and map updates.  If the company can consistently add celebrity voices, such as the likes of Homer Simpson, to its extensive catalogue of sounds, healthy, reoccurring profits will likely be the result.  Who knows?  In a few years, TomTom could become the iTunes Store for the community of GPS users.

The Future of Celebrities
A major selling point of the newer TomTom devices is that they are highly customizable, which greatly adds to what is already very functional hardware. While some of the recent advancements allow users to record and use their own personalized voices, many report to being satisfied with the options TomTom has available for download.  In any event, let’s just hope the company is able to get more celebrities to lend their voices to the world of GPS!

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