Driver In Davies Crash Incident Reportedly Had Been Drinking

Driver In Davies Crash Incident Reportedly Had Been Drinking 

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - An unidentified female driver told police that she was drinking alcohol before a fatal car crash Oct. 13 that injured US national team's Charlie Davies and killed 22-year-old Ashley Roberta.

According to media reports, court papers were filed Thursday detailing Davies injuries. The forward suffered a broken right leg and sustained a bladder injury.
The woman informed police that she was adjusting her GPS when Roberta screamed "Watch out!" The driver then swerved right and smashed into a guard rail that sliced the car in two.
Authorities estimated that the car was traveling well over the 40 mph speed limit. The report indicated that police did smell alcohol on the woman's breath after the incident.
US Park Police are seeking judicial permission to decide the speed of the car and the specific route taken. If access is granted, the investigators will analyze the airbag sensor and the GPS.

Davies began rehabilitation November after several operations in the hopes of participating in the 2010 World Cup at South Africa.

The US team will take the pitch June 12 against England.

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