Garmin introduces 'Lifetime of Navigation' plan for GPS-equipped BlackBerry handsets

Having GPS integrated into your handset is one thing. But, having to pay for monthly navigation service just isn't something most people look forward to doing.

So, to help ease the burden of navigating around town with your GPS-equipped BlackBerry smartphone, Garmin has introduced their new "Lifetime of Navigation" service. The navigation hardware giant is now offering BlackBerry owners unlimited use of their Garmin Mobile navigation software for a one-time $99.99 purchase.

The service is touted as giving GPS-loving BlackBerry enthusiasts more than their fill of GPS navigating pleasure for the life of their BlackBerry handset. That means you get Garmin Mobile's turn-by-turn voice prompts, traffic updates, weather information, and regularly updated maps for as long as your BlackBerry keeps ticking. “Garmin is one of the first to offer a one-time purchase navigation package for BlackBerry devices,” said Charles Morse, Garmin’s director of mobile and online marketing

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