GPS and Dallas burglaries

As I was reading yesterday's story about the rise in burglaries across Dallas, I couldn't help but think technology offered an easy solution.

As I understand it -- and I confess I may be wrong in this point -- the vast majority of burglaries are committed by professional burglars who loot several houses a month, month in and month out, until they get caught.

They then go to jail for some trivial amount of time, get out, and start the cycle over again.

If this is the case, the majority of burglaries in any large city are probably committed by a couple hundred hardcore burglars (while the rest are committed mostly by one-timers who see something valuable through a window and get an impulse to take it).

By:Andrew Smith

Assuming I'm not way off the mark in my assessment of the problem, couldn't society solve it by passing a law that said anyone convicted of burglary must wear a GPS tracking device for, say, 20 years after getting out of prison?

Such devices are cheap and they'd make it easy to track down professionals who returned to crime. If such professionals account for most burglaries, GPS would eliminate the vast majority of burglaries.

Presumably, there's some reason it's not that easy. Where have I gone wrong?


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