Spirent Federal Announces High Dynamic GPS/Galileo/GLONASS Simulation System

Spirent Federal Systems announces the Spirent GSS8000 simulation system, designed for use in the most demanding applications. Over 20 years of development experience has culminated in a system capable of simulating high dynamics with unsurpassed accuracy.

The Spirent GSS8000 supports up to 20,000g acceleration, up to 120,000m/s velocity and 250Hz (4ms) processing rates, with millimeter-level pseudorange accuracy. Spirent's implementation supports real-time delivery of full 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) trajectory data from external sources at 250Hz.

An industry first, the GSS8000 provides up to 3 RF carriers integrated into one simulator chassis. Configurations may be selected from multiple constellations and signals, including GPS L1, L2, L2C and L5; Galileo L1, E5ab and E6; GLONASS L1 and L2; and SBAS L1 and L5. Classified testing for GPS is available to authorized users, and the GSS8000 architecture is designed to support future upgrades for Compass, QZSS and GLONASS L3 signals.

The GSS8000 supports Spirent's full range of capabilities for testing advanced navigation and positioning systems, including anti-jam testing. The GSS8000 can generate coherent wavefront signals for all elements of Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) electronics units and can provide testing for non-spatial anti-jam techniques, such as spectral filtering, as well.

"We are seeing an increased interest in testing CRPA systems among Spirent Federal's clients, and the GSS8000 is ideally suited for that application," commented Mark Wilson, Director of Sales for Spirent Federal. "The GSS8000 is an industry vanguard and reflects Spirent's commitment to provide our customers the capability they need across all GNSS application areas, today and looking forward to the future."


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